7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Croatia


Croatia has close to 1,1000 miles of coastline that has hidden bays, over 1,000 islands and countless untouched coves. There is enough beach to host parties and keep even the most energetic tourist completely engaged. To better help you appreciate this country and plan for your upcoming visit to Croatia, here are it’s 7 most amazing beaches.

1. Stiniva

1. Stiniva

image source: croatiaweek.com


This hidden beach is one of the most beautiful on the island of Vis. Situated at the southern part of this island, a walk down a steep path as you enjoy the breathtaking panorama will get you to Stiniva. You can also get to this beach via a boat ride through a narrow passage opening into the bay. The relative seclusion and the wild scenery is worth the effort to get to Stiniva.

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