Meet the Stunning “Stingray Queen” Who Loves to Hangout With Deadly Sea Creatures


A Tahitian model who dives naked with dangerous marine creatures to create stunning photographs said she holds the venomous stingray ‘dearest to her heart’.

Rava Ray, also known as the ‘Stingray Queen,’ grew up on the small South Pacific Island Mo’orea and learnt to ‘share the water’ with sharks, whales, turtles and dolphins.


She said she has never felt anxious being close dangerous marine creatures and does not believe it is an animal’s first instinct to attack a person.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever posed a threat to an animal or been in a situation where I would have been attacked,’ she said.

Ms Ray admitted she has been bitten by a stingray in the past, but said it was a ‘total accident’.



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