10 Most Amazing Destinations To Visit in Asia

Philippines, Palawan Province, Miniloc Lagoon.

The largest continent on earth beckons with ancient cultures, religious diversity, scenic milestones and hospitable people. The sound of prayer wheels in Tibet, the smiles of the Thai people, the ancient wisdom of China, the prayers of the monks in Laos, hospitality of Pakistanis, the silence of the mountains of Nepal, the rogue Vietnam, the power of sunken kingdoms and great cultures in Myanmar and Cambodia, the balancing act between modernity and tradition in Japan – Asia is a continent full of mysticism, spirituality and exoticism.

1. Tiger’s Nest Temple, Bhutan

Tigers Nest

Also known as Taktsang, it is a sacred monastery built on a rocky cliff 3,000 feet above the Paro valley. Legend has it, some 1,300 years ago, Guru Rinpoche materialized on the back of a flying tigress and converted the Bhutanese to Buddhism at this place.


This is a must-visit place because of the unique location and view that will leave you mesmerized. The background story of this place makes it even more unique and worth seeing.

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