10 Traditional Wedding Outfits From Around The World


A wedding is such a personal occasion, and no two brides are exactly alike, but we all obsess over our own dress shape, veil length, and shoe height just the same. And since women on every continent embrace the traditions of their families and cultures, each celebration is beautiful and unique in its own way.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what a bride across the world might look like (no, a friend’sdestination wedding doesn’t count), this is your chance to take a peek at how women all over the globe dress to say their “I dos.” You’ll be surprised by the gorgeous details that unite you, as well as the remarkable ones you’ve never seen before.

#1 Indian Wedding

In Indian culture, pink or red wedding dresses are often the garment of choice for brides. Married woman in the north of the country can often be identified by a red dot in the middle of their forehead.


Indian Wedding


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