1950s Photos Show How Babies Traveled On Airplanes And They Will Blow Your Mind

Babies traveling on airplane have always been a topic of discussion. These extremely rare photos are dating back to 1953.

Although it is not easy to accommodate the youngest travelers, it seems that even back then it was done in a very efficient way.

British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) went the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. BOAC is the predecessor of British Airways and it has developed hammock-like “skycots” for babies.

If necessary, these skycots could be attached to the luggage rack, allowing the infant to sleep comfortably and what’s most important safely. However, the child had to be held by a parent during take-off and landing.


This practice hasn’t changed to this day. Take a look at these great vintage photos!

(h/t: vintageeveryday)


Image credits: British Airways Speedbird Heritage Centre

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