5 Creative Weekend Getaway Ideas


When you finally get to take off time from work for a long-overdue weekend getaway, you’ll want to savor every last minute of it. But there are so many factors to consider, mainly destination and affordability.

Head to a Festival

Festival season is about to launch, so now is the time to grab those tickets and head off to watch your favorite bands, shows and art. Festivals don’t have to be music based, there are poetry versions, art, dance and religious festivals to visit this year.

Hire a Log Cabin in the Woods

You don’t have to be a huge fan of nature to enjoy a weekend immersed in it. If you are looking for a break involving outdoor activities during the day and evenings spent playing card games around a wood burning stove then this is the getaway for you.

Who wouldn't a weekend here??


Who wouldn’t a weekend here??

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