A Unique Stay at The Underwater Hotel in Manta Resort, Zanzibar


Underwater accommodations seem to have become a trend among hotels in recent years, but a resort off the coast of Tanzania is now putting a unique spin on the concept. The Manta Resort recently unveiled its Underwater Room, a three-floor suite that floats beside a thriving coral reef and boasts a submerged master bedroom surrounded by windows to view the local sea life.

Located on the tropical Pemba Island in Zanzibar, the resort’s most standout feature is the natural coral reef lying just off its beach, which attracts numerous divers and snorkelers to its villas. To construct an enticing off-shore suite though, the Manta Resort enlisted the help of Genberg Underwater Hotels, a Swedish company that previously erected a similar structure on a lake in its home country. The unusual new room floats almost 250 m (820 ft) away from the coast and is held in place by several anchoring lines leading to the ocean floor.\



The Unique Stay at Underwater Hotel in Manta Resort, Tanzania

Photo by Jesper Anhede

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