Amazing Places on Earth You Need To Visit : Puglia, Italy (PHOTOS)


Welcome to Puglia (poo-lia), Italy’s south-easternmost region, the heel of the boot we learn about in our earliest geography lessons!

In many respects, Puglia is the perfect holiday destination, offering not only some of Italy’s loveliest beaches but also a sublime climate, a series of fascinating towns, a number of important archaeological sites and, last but certainly not least, an excellent culinary tradition bristling with local specialities!

With over 800km of coastline, Puglia is well-loved by those with a penchant for beaches or life on the open sea! Whether you spend time on the Adriatic shores around the Straits of Otranto or the enormous stretches of sandy beaches on the Ionian Sea in the south-west, you will never have to go far to find an ideal spot. All this with a climate as warm and sunny as anywhere in the Mediterranean!



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