This House In London Just Might Be One Of The Coolest Airbnb Places Ever

Airbnb London
Airbnb and Pantone have partnered to create a unique space that will amaze you.

Behind  The ‘Outside In’ house stands the idea of  Pantone’s color of the year (Greenery).

The project is designed to encourage visitors to embrace 2017 with fresh optimism.



Airbnb London

Once you enter the space it seems you are inside of a forest!
If you ever wanted to visit an indoor greenhouse in London-here’s your chance.
Plants are everywhere and the green freshness will overwhelm you for sure! Although it all seems unreal-an outside atmosphere indoors, you can actually book your stay

You can do plenty of nature-inspired activities like terrarium making, painting and Ti Chi classes !


This Airbnb is simply UNREL AND WE LOVE IT!

More info here

Airbnb London

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