Epic Cuteness: Amazing Woman Adopts A Pit Bull, And The Dog Can’t Stop Hugging And Kissing Her

Pit bulls have such a bad reputation but in reality they are misunderstood sweethearts.
Kayla Filoon is a student who volunteers as a dog walker at an animal shelter in Philadelphia.
She happened to see this adorable little angel named Russ and that was the beginning of this very happy story.

“He came in as a stray, and he was really beat up,” Filoon told The Dodo. “He was missing fur on his tail and ears. He was also terribly skinny.” She added: “He was just sitting there calmly, staring at me… And I thought… I need to take him now.”
“Any dog had a chance of being put down, especially the ones who were sicker, and Russ was definitely one of them,” said the woman.
The next day she sorted out the adoption papers. “One night I’m sitting there on the chair, doing my homework, and he’s trying to find ways to cuddle with me,” Filoon said. Her friend snapped a photo, put it on social media – and it went viral. “He’s such a love bug, honestly.”
Once you take a look at the beautiful and emotional photographs of this affectionate little guy, you will melt of joy.


Pit bulls are just like any other dog, it is all about being the right owner to these precious creatures.


And if you ever want a dog, please adopt. Remember Russ’s happy face! 🙂

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