First Class for Free: How to Get an Airline Upgrade



‘If you collect miles for your online shopping or for switching mobile phone plans, or signing up for a magazine subscription (just a few of the many ways I collect miles from home), you can have the one tool necessary to guarantee an upgrade in advance on many flights and enjoy the whole experience from the accelerated check in, to the lovely lounges chock full of free food and drinks beforehand!’

And as for the traditional methods of getting an upgrade?


Don’t bother.




‘Airlines use pretty comprehensive software that knows who’s been delayed or inconvenienced…and they also in general have fail safes in place to keep the “Average Joe” from getting an upgrade – so the chances of a nice person working the check-in desk to say “let’s uproot the whole system” and give this nice couple on their honeymoon an upgrade is pretty slim.’

But he does have a list of the funniest successful upgrades on his blog – and they include someone who managed to swing a First Class seat having immediately found chewing gum on her jeans after sitting down in Economy.


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