This Floating Hotel Room Lets You Spend The Night In The Sea And Wake Up On A Desert Island

NAGASAKI - Imagine what it's like to lie on a bed in a floating capsule and look into the stars while it drifts to a desert island overnight. That's the experience a major theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture plans to offer by the end of this year. Huis Ten Bosch, a Dutch-themed park in Sasebo, is developing the new service in which hotel guests sleep in spheric capsules with the top part designed as a bedroom. Overnight the capsules slowly move to an island featuring attractions. Huis Ten Bosch owns a 39,000 sq-meter uninhibited island some 6 km southwest of the park facing Omura Bay. The operator is building new adventure-type attractions using the entire island, it said. The operator said it hoped the new service will help draw more tourists from both at home and abroad, following its launch in 2015 of Henn na Hotel, dubbed a "robot hotel" in which robots provide porter, room cleaning, front desk and other services. Aside from the recent tourist draws, Huis Ten Bosch uses actual-sized copies of old Dutch buildings to bring the experience of the Netherlands to Japan. Huis Ten Bosch, a subsidiary of major travel agency H.I.S. Co., is also expanding its business to another sector. Last month, the park operator announced a plan to establish a power generation venture with H.I.S., focusing on renewable energy sources. Staying in the floating capsule, a two-story structure that holds up to four people, will cost ¥30,000 to ¥40,000 per night, Huis Ten Bosch Co. said.

These incredibly futuristic hotel rooms take alternative holiday destinations to the next level.

Shaped as a perfect-ball, the sci-fi looking pods float across the ocean to a specified desert island programmed into its mapping system.


Guests enjoy a night bobbing across the waves, before waking up on a blissful sandy shore.

The floating Mizukami Hotel has been designed by Japanese company Huis Ten Bosch and has massively divided opinion when it comes to hopping inside and setting off.

Sleeping up to four, each room comes with double beds, toilets, showers and a perfect view of the star-spangled sky.

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