Futuristic Steel Lodge Provides Refuge for French Alps Climbers


This futuristic steel lodge that almost looks as if a UFO landed atop the French Alps, is known as Refuge du Goûter. It’s the final stop for climbers who are ascending nearby Mount Blanc.

According to My Modern Met, it was Swiss architect Hervé Dessimoz who designed the more than 52-feet-tall lodge that juts over a precarious nearly 5,000 foot drop. Despite the apparent danger, safety measures were taken to ensure that it can brave the elements. The lodge is tucked about 46 feet into the rock, ensuring sturdiness. It also has the ability to withstand winds of 186 mph, and it’ totally self-sufficient for energy and water. The interior includes communal living with bunk-style beds and the ability to accommodate up to 120 guests at a time.




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