Hamping: Latest Tents Lets Campers Sleep Among the Trees


Sleeping under the stars is just as popular today as in days gone by when families packed up the station wagon with tents, sleeping bags and the Coleman stove to head into the Great Outdoors to do some camping.

What is changing, however, are the accommodations used to get some sleep.

It was always somewhat comical to read the number of men that a camping tent could accommodate. A small inverted V-style tent was a two-man tent. A boxy 8×8 square tent was a four- or maybe even a six-man tent. A longer lodge-style enclosure with zip-away flaps that compartmentalized the structure into separate rooms were labeled as eight- or even 10-man tents.


The latest trend is hammocks. Hammocks have been around for probably as long as the standard two-man tent, but in recent usage the hammock becomes the tent, complete with insect-repelling enclosures, rain-flys to shed precipitation and above-ground gear storage.

The trend has even coined its own term — hamping.



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