How Much Is The ‘Full House’ House Worth Now?


To Full House lovers, there’s one San Francisco landmark even more iconic than the Golden Gate Bridge: the Tanner family’s sublime Victorian. While the real-life house, located in the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood, has changed quite a bit since the exterior shots were filmed in the late ’80s (bye bye, signature red door!), it remains a destination for the show’s legion of fans.


As the Tanners prepare to take up residency in San Francisco once again on Fuller House, we couldn’t help but wonder how the family’s prime real estate would fare in the city’s inflated market — San Francisco has recently been declared the least affordable city, the most expensive US city for renters, and the most costly place to buy a house.



And any die hard that wants to live in this stunning home, you may be in luck as the house has been put up for sale. Before you decide to move to San Francisco the asking price is a mere $4.15 million.

See more photos below :



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