IBM Engineer Quits His Job to Travel the World as an Instagram-Famous Photographer


Eeico Roos worked as an IT specialist at IBM Amsterdam for 10 years before he put in his two weeks to become a world traveler with a famous Instagram profile.

He now travels the world teaching workshops, doing consulting work, and working collaboratively with tourism agencies and big name brands like Sony and Samsung to capture wanderlust images people go gaga for. In fact, his Instagram has over 443,000 followers; meaning Roos has one of the most popular Instagram accounts out there.


“I haven’t regretted the decision yet.” Roos told Business Insider, “It’s a dream come true.” Just like his photographs.

eelcoroos5“Working in IT was never my dream job. Photography has always been a big passion of mine, a creative outlet so to speak.”

eelcoroos9See more below :

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