Japanese Street Photographer Captures The Beauty Of Everyday Life In Japan


Takashi Yasui is a photographer who mainly focuses on Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo. For him, photography is more than pleasure, it’s a passion. He’s also the founding member of Reco Photography, a website for photographers to share their art whether it’s done by iPhone or a film camera.

About 4 years ago I installed “Instagram”on my iPhone and began to follow photographers from all over the world. This had a big impact on me: I met a lo of Instagrammers in Japan, leaned about photography, how to shoot, how to edit, how to find a location, composition, perspective, and things like that. Recently, I met few talented photographers from the US, Canada,  and France, and was exposed to their take on shooting. It really helped me to grow as a photographer. Now, photography is a more of a pleasure, it is a passion for me.

More info: takashiyasui.com



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