How This One Toothbrush Will Forever Change How You Brush Your Teeth!


Customers from all over the world are finding out just how advanced this new toothbrush is. It’s called the MYST™ toothbrush and it is not only provide a faster way of brushing your teeth, but it’s far more efficient than any other toothbrush on the market.

Since this toothbrush “automates” the brushing process, it allows consumers to feel like they have access to ‘dental grade cleanings’ every single day, all in a matter of seconds!

The trademarked technology that powers The MYST™ toothbrush is called ‘Expansion Radius Technology’™ or XRT™. This technology allows the toothbrush to brush all of the teeth simultaneously, making sure to brush every surface of every tooth. In addition to every surface of every tooth being brushed at the same time, the gum line is also brushed and cleaned.


Did we mention that it only takes 30-seconds to complete a full brushing? It’s really quite something!

Here are just a few of the great features of MYST™, features that separate them from a standard toothbrush design and function.

  • Shortened Brush Time– By using MYST™, you can save up to an incredible 100 days of your life! This means you’ll eliminate ineffective and lengthy brushing time
  • Gum Massaging Setting– MYST™ has a gum massage setting that allows you to gently stimulate your gums. This aids in increasing blood flow while inducing a flow of oxygen to the gum area, which in turn, can help eradicate any harmful bacteria within the oral cavity.
  • LED Light for Teeth Whitening– Not only does MYST™ effectively clean, but it has a built-in LED light coupled with a teeth whitening product that works to whiten your teeth as you brush.
  • Antibacterial Mouthpiece– MYST™ is made with an antibacterial silicone mouthpiece that successfully kills 99.9% of bacteria.
  • Comfortable and Easy Use Due to its unique build, MYST™ provides superior pressure with an optimal angle to be able to clean each and every tooth completely, even those hard-to-reach sections and more sensitive gum areas within in the mouth.


With three speed options, you are able to find the perfect brushing style and speed that suits you, too!

When you are done using MYST™, you can simply store it on the included charging docking station!

MYST™ can’t be found in stores and is only available on their official website. The company has confirmed that even though they have recently re-stocked, due to its popularity and a new surge in orders, supplies are extremely limited.


Take advantage of their special “risk-free” discounted offer and try the MYST™ toothbrush today. For a limited period, you can try MYST™ risk-free and save 50% off the regular price, with free shipping to boot! So get 50% off and have no extra shipping fees to pay!

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