Photographer Captures Breathtaking Photos Of Dancers In The Streets Of Cuba


Cuba is home to some of the world’s best ballet dancers. Photographer Omar Robles gives us a glimpse into their world.





“I found myself tangled between the rhythm of the ballerinas I set myself to shoot and the cadence of the Cubans in the streets…and I was swept off my feet by that dance,” explains Robles. Most of the dancers admit to not earning enough in their profession, often discouraged by family to follow their passion. It is their love for the craft, nonetheless, that keeps them dancing.

The resulting photographs, featured on his Instagram, capture some of Cuba’s best talent jumping, twirling and stretching in the streets, providing a beautiful and even surreal glimpse of just how deeply rooted Cuban ballet is. Below is a brief interview with Robles on how he came to photography and how his trip to Cuba impacted his work.


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