Photographer Captures The Beautiful Fjords Of Norway From Inside Of A Kayak


mateur kayaker and adventure photographer Thomasz Furmanek is here to show the world the true Zen of kayaking. Around 3 years ago he took his first photo from the seat of a kayak and he hasn’t stopped since. Once you see the breathtaking beauty of his photos you will truly understand why.

The photographer writes on Bored Panda, “My aim is to capture the beauty and balance of nature in the fjords and lakes, mainly in Norway. I also wish to motivate people to visit some of these remote locations and show them the joy of kayaking.”

Many of his photos are taken in calm, glassy waters, allowing reflections and symmetry to show the Zen of kayaking. As a result, his photos provoke some serious wanderlust and it’s not without intention. In Furmanek’s own words, “The aim is to create the feeling of being in the photo and a wish to explore these locations.”



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