Photos Show Uncontacted Amazonian Tribe Living Perilously Close To Illegal Miners


An uncontacted tribe has been photographed from the air for the first time in a region of the Brazilian Amazon that is currently being overrun by illegal gold miners, IFL Science reports.

Having maintained their traditional way of life for thousands of years, the members of this tribe may soon face extinction if they are not protected from the encroachment of outsiders on their territory.

The pictures were taken from a government plane that was seeking out illegal miners, and shows a communal structure called a “yano” within the territory belonging to the indigenous Yanomami people.


Officially protected since 1992, this territory is thought to be home to around 22,000 individuals split into numerous tribes, at least three of which remain uncontacted by Westerners, Survival International claims.

“These extraordinary images are further proof of the existence of still more uncontacted tribes. They’re not savages but complex and contemporary societies whose rights must be respected.” – Stephen Corry, Survival International director



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