She Quits Her Job To Travel The World,Shares How She Is Able To Be On Vacation For Three Years


Maartje Smit doesn’t understand why people wanting to travel the world don’t just do what she did. Smit was a project manager for a software company in the Netherlands when she decided to embark on an ongoing vacation that is still in full-swing three years later.

Maartje has been traveling around the globe since 6 April 2012, and is not planning to stop anytime soon. She showcases pictures of her adventures on her Facebook account, and has recently embarked on a ‘Mongol Rally’, a road trip for charity that requires her to travel from London to Mongolia.

Maartje hopes others will choose to follow her footsteps. She toldVice, “I’m sure that everyone who is working away in an office, enviously looking at my Facebook albums could live the exact same life. I don’t understand why more people don’t do what I do.”


Smit has had awkward situations travelling like being stuck in a cab where the driver took way too many detours. Luckily, none have been dangerous.


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