Swimming the Amazon: 3,274 Miles on the World’s Deadliest River

During his swimming adventure in the Amazon river to the end, Martin Strel, 53, is managing to avoid the hitting of debris of wood. Debris is one of the most dangerous obstacles in the trip, since the hitting could result in a fatal accident. Martin is on the way of breaking his own world long distance swimming record. This is the 41st day since he started to swim in the river from Peru, and he swims 70 k/m to 80 k/m per day for the average. Mar 13 2007, Amazon, Brazil.

Last year on April 8th, Slovenian marathon swimmer Martin Strel became the first man to swim the entire length of the Amazon River from headwaters in Peru to the Brazilian port city of Belém: 3,274 miles. It took him 66 days with a support crew of near twenty people following him in a boat for protection.

He’d already conquered the Danube, the Mississippi, and the Yangtze. In 1997, he became the first to swim non-stop from Africa to Europe, and he did it in 29 hours, 36 minutes, and 57 seconds… without a wetsuit. WTF? Seven swimmers had attempted it before and all had failed.

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