The World’s Largest Underwater Sculpture : She’s 18 Feet Tall, Weighs 60 Tons, And Sits Underwater In The Bahamas


An 18-foot- tall statue weighing 60-tonnes is a wondrous creation all on its own. But Jason deCaires Taylor had bigger plans for this sculpture than its already giant size.

He titles his latest sculpture, “Ocean Atlas,” and it includes this massive girl beneath the ocean waters off the coast of Nassau in the Bahamas. On her shoulders she carries the weight of the ocean. The statue gets her name from the Greek god Atlas; he is the one with the weight of the heavens atop his shoulders. Check out the incredible underwater statue that doubles as a coral reef community in the photos below.

Ocean Atlas weighs over 60 tons (about 30 Jeep Wranglers) and stands 18 feet tall. 
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