The World’s Longest Zip Line, And The View Is AWESOOOME


Dragon’s Breath Flight Line will take you to a point 500 feet above the beaches of Labadee and then send you down a zip line that is longer than 2,600 feet.  The zip line is visible from nearly everywhere on the island and it offers some incredible views.

After checking in for the excursion, the staff will suit you up with the right harness for you and then present a short safety video to explain the basics of riding a zip line.

Because zip lines are heavily reliant on staying safe, guests are escorted to a shorter “Little Dragon” flight line, where you can work on the basics with far less risk.


While at the shorter zip line, the staff will demonstrate the basics of what to do and then allow you to try it out.  It’s a good primer of what to expect and it gives guests an opportunity to work on their technique.

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