These Adventurous Parents Travel The World With Their 3-Year-Old And Their Story Is Amazing

It is possible!


Opportunity to pursue the dream adventure doesn’t come easily.  In fact, very few of us did it. You are about to read a story about people who managed to fulfill the adventure. Not only it wasn’t easy but there is another detail: These adventurous parents travel the world with their 3 year-old!

It seems that parents can travel the world too! 🙂

Łajka, Wadyń and the daughter Zazu visited 39 places in 9 countries, on 3 continents in just 10 months!
Both of the parents have full-time corporate jobs. How did they do it?

Dedicated parents travel the world due to great planning.
According to them, they are a couple that uses every minute of their free time to make the plan for the next step.

Parents travel the world with their 3-year-old


Even though it is not a piece of cake, it sure does pay off- they have the opportunity to live their dream.

We can surely all agree that this is truly inspiring! Take a look at their amazing adventure in our gallery!



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These adventurous parents travel the world

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