They Thought It Was A ‘Black Sheep’, But A Haircut Revealed The Truth…


Surrounded by flies and gnats, Ellen was discovered on the streets of Chicago, her fur completely grown out, matted and soaked in urine and feces.

Thankfully, in July 2014, the wonderful folks at the Trio Animal Foundation took Ellen off the streets and into their facility. At first, they couldn’t even tell if she was a boy or a girl, or which end was front or back.

Ellen was trapped under a “hard shell of fur,” but thanks to a groomer named Kelli who had to come into work early, two pounds of matted, clumpy fur was shaved off the poor dog’s body.


10 minutes later, the staff discovered Ellen was indeed a girl — and that she absolutely adorable .

The small yet mighty rescue dog quickly went viral with her jaw-dropping transformation

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