Tokyo’s New Nap Cafe Is an Actual Dream Come True

Caught these two cuddling in bed one morning. That Shiba Inu puppy is totally loving the attention!

If you’ve ever headed to work bleary eyed and exhausted, desperate to find a spot you can use for a much-needed snooze on your lunch break, you’ll understand that a nap café is a wonderful concept that should be spread far and wide.

Because seriously, there are very few places where you can snatch some sleep comfortably and free of interruption. Anywhere that can give us a cosy nap zone is much needed.

Over in Japan, they’ve got the right idea.


Tokyo is currently home to a popup nap café where people can pop in, have a nap on a fancy bed, and enjoy a free cup of coffee when they wake up.

The popup is a collaboration between Nescafe and France Bed as part of their World Sleep Day celebrations, setting up shop in a Nescafe in Harajuku.

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