Visit the Borromeo Family’s Fantasy Island Isola Bella


On a private isle in Italy’s Lago Maggiore called Isola Bella, that has been in the family for half a millennium, Principe and Principessa Borromeo are living the ultimate dolce vita.

I don’t live there, but I love it too! The gardens and the grotto room are really fantastic.

Isola Bella, which means “beautiful island,” is one of three islands sitting in magnificent Lake Maggiore, Italy’s second largest lake. It is located near Stresa in northern Italy. This island displays a unique blending of man’s artistic design with the beauty of God’s creations.


Isola Bella must be seen to be believed.  It is real, yet certainly provides solid food for the imagination. With such diversity to its charms, each visitor’s experience here must be uniquely their own. To me, it will always be truly a “Fantasy Island.”

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