Living It Up At The Ritz


Yes we are definitely all smiles and good will after our feel good stay at the stylish, luxurious and wildly hospitable Ritz-Carlton in Herzliya, Israel.  My husband and I had but a scant 24 hours to ourselves (no kids, no dog and no in-laws) which made me very suspicious about our ability to get into vacation mode.

Main Entrance
Ritz-Carlton Herzliya

I don’t know if it was the view of the ocean at our feet as we entered the lobby or the super friendly receptionist – perhaps the cucumber water? Beats me.  All I can say is that I was in vacation mode before you could say “where’s the spa?” IT WAS JUST SO NICE.

Common Space
Ritz-Carlton Herzliya

I guess I could talk about the lobby’s sophisticated design, the architectural expanse of the space, the spectacular local flower arrangements, art work and ambient fragrance (which we later happily discovered present throughout the hotel), but honestly sitting right in that enclave of the Marina and the Mediterranean; all I would have needed was a fold up chair and that delicious cucumber water to count my blessings.  The location is simply drop dead stunning. I actually asked my husband “who could work here?”  I was too happy and relaxed to contemplate my laptop.

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